Thursday, 26 November 2009

Which is better small intimate gigs or huge stadium shows?

An intimate at Astoria before it closed.

A very full Wembley Stadium

Intimate Gigs Vs Stadium Gigs
The more success a band receives the higher the demand for big stadium gigs, which begs to ask the question which is better, a small intimate gig or a huge stadium gig? Small intimate gigs create a closed in atmosphere, which is much more personal, whilst, a big stadium gig creates a crazy atmosphere, with mass audience singing along. Small intimate gigs seem to be perfect for getting close to your favourite band, but stadium gigs are inevitably the ones where the most energy and effort are put into them, yet are always extortionate in their prices! Both types of gigs have their positives, and suit different types of bands. Bands like Coldplay and The Killers you would expect an outstanding stadium show, whilst smaller bands such as The Maccabees could not exhibit themselves in such a huge arena. Inevitably intimate gigs are going to be suited to smaller bands. So effectively, you need a mixture of big and small bands to make the most of both types of gig.

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