Monday, 22 March 2010

Review of Example at Echos (Loughborough)

This will be in the next Label, after Easter break, and is just a quick, cheeky review of the night, mainly bigging up my mate, Danny's company who booked and set this thing up, and are hoping to book some more acts and stuff..sounds pretty kushty to me:

Example – Echos Thursday 4th March

Echos is not usually the venue in Loughborough you expect you would associate with live music acts you’ve heard of, but thanks to Danny Trevatt and Andy Rothwell, the duo who make up Spaced Out Promotions, all this looks like its about to change. Spaced Out Promotions hosted Example live at Echos on Thursday 4th March. Example has recently achieved chart success with singles ‘Watch The Sun Come Up’ and Wont Go Quietly’. His sound has progressed from jokey rap to a more electro-pop sound; a sell out that has gained him access into the mainstream. Taking time off touring with Tinchy Strider, Example treated the Loughborough crowd to a set in a packed out Echos. The mosh-pit was fierce and unruly (I had an ear ring ripped out of my ear); a setting scene for a dirty rave, rather than a gig. With a variety of tracks from albums, and mixtapes, Example pleased a hungry crowd, especially with closing track ‘Hooligans’; fitting for such a mob. Dub-boro DJs were on hand to provide the music before and after Example, a fitting choice. If it means we are going to get some more live music here, then I look forward to it.

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