Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Plan B @ Itunes Festival

I've seen Plan B many a time live. However, this was pre-Strickland Banks. This was when Plan B was an edgy, unique, rough diamond. A gritty hip-hop kid, telling stories with an acoustic guitar. His debut 'Who Needs Actions When You Got Words' moulded my growing up, coming out when I was 16, 4 years ago! That was, and still is an album I loved, and I always enjoyed seeing Plan B live.

Fast forward a few years, and Ben Drew has been completely rebranded as some kind of male Amy Winehouse, and the fact that he's trying to release a hip-hop version of Strickland Banks, reflects how awkward he looked on stage tonight. Of course the crowd, was not purely his fanbase, through the free ticket draw, but still Plan B has never been the charismatic showman, and I think it is mistaken that he is some kind of long lost member of Take That..despite dressing like one. Essentially, his voice seemed to struggle throughout his set. I did think it was generally an ok show, but there were some points I was bored, probably albums tracks that have never appealed to me. The best track was the almost cult classic 'Charmaine' from his debut, Plan B at his best. Unfortunately tonight he relied too heavily on Faith SFX, an unbelievable beat boxer, but at the end of the day I came to see Plan B, and maybe he has evolved beyond no return. And a drum and bass remix of Seal's Kiss From A Rose will NEVER be cool!

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