Sunday, 5 September 2010

Article from the first issue of Label '10-'11

Published in first Label of the year (end of September)

Welcome freshers! We are Steph & Sam, the Music Sub-Eds, and we’ll be where you need to be coming fortnightly for your music needs, what albums you need to listen to, what you should avoid, and gigs around Loughborough, Leicester and Nottingham that you might have been to. We take the reigns from Jack and Luke, and only hope that we can do them justice!
2010; a new decade has begun, and with that a few early contenders for the next album of the decade, with great albums from Beach House, Arcade Fire’s third offering and Kele’s debut. However, I doubt Diana Vickers or 3Oh!3 are any front runners to threaten them, with their savage attack on our ears. It has been a year that’s provided us with the welcomed reformation of The Libertines, Lady Gaga becoming the most followed person on Twitter, and Justin Bieber continuing to offend our ears, and a collaboration with Kanye West being an even more painful experience. Not because of the music, but because of THAT ego. Anyway, with an album in the pipeline, Kanye will hopefully still pull it out the bag, in a modest fashion, as always. It just has been a year rammed full of quality music, from the big festivals to the massive success of Dub-boro, which is actually continuing as DB Events. The first event is on the 13th October at Echos, and is boasting a pretty impressive line up of Katy B, Scratch Perverts and Mistajam; definitely not a night out to be missed.
So back to this issue, we have a run down of the freshers ball, who’s going to be there and what to expect, a look back to a summer of awesome live music with a report from Reading, and a look forward to what music to look forward to this autumn and winter as the nights draw in, and the work pile begins to grow. So get cosy, try to avoid freshers flu, make sure you check out any bands playing at the union and get involved!

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