Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mumford & Sons @ Rock City October 5 2010

Mumford & Sons have had a phenomenal year where they have gone from practically nobodies to who is on everybody’s lips. After setting the festivals alight this summer with their sing along anthems, they are currently on the road selling out venues across the country.

At Nottingham’s Rock City, the crowd is mainly middle aged men and women and it is clear that the band has a universal appeal, albeit feeling sceptical about my first encounter with this band after becoming so mainstream. The band stroll on with an assertive confidence grown from their recent success, although, playing their banjos they still seem rather humble. In between songs the banter between the band and audience is on top form - this is a band that actually has charisma! Of course it is their singles and fan favourites ‘Little Lion Man’, ‘Winter Winds’ and ‘The Cave’ that are best received, and the crowd erupts singing along. But also previewing some new tracks, it seems that Mumford & Sons can look forward to more success with their flawless formula of a slow starting song, picking up speed and volume. Mumford & Sons are very tight knit and together, and certainly a band that people should see live.

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