Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Killers - Royal Albert Hall - Monday July 6th 2009

The Royal Albert Hall does not see the most obvious of places for a Las Vegas rock’n’roll band to be recording their live DVD, yet The Killers are not the most typical band. To kick things off Jimmy Carr is the alternative, personal choice of the band for the support act, which is a breath of fresh air from the usual mundane samey support bands. It seems appropriate for such a grand venue as the Royal Albert Hall to have a special start to the evening, especially as it gets the whole audience in good spirits. When the band do stroll on to the tiger printed floor with the palm trees scattered over the set, the crowd goes wild. The Killers kick off the set with the first single off their third album, ‘Day & Age’ Human. The venue is buzzing; the standing area is just a mass of bouncing heads, whilst people in the boxes are dancing around. In fact, Brandon Flowers barely needs to sing his own lyrics, because everyone is shouting them back at him. Flowers possesses exactly what a fan seeks in a rock’n’roll front man. He oozes charisma and is unbelievably likeable, especially with his erratic crazy dancing. The set seems to pass so quickly, most probably due to the expertly picked set list with a mix of all the albums that everyone can sing along with. It is most certainly one of the most enjoyable concerts I have experienced. In fact, I would not address it as a concert but more a performance and show, especially with the spectacular pyrotechnics at the end of the show. One thing is for certain the band are putting their all into this performance. When the band leaves the stage the crowd wait impatiently for the encore, the audience are even treated to a double encore, with Brandon announcing after they have played Sweet Talk and This River Is Wild how they did plan to go off again and come back on again for a second encore, but the impatient vibes from the audience suggest the band should play another song immediately! The Killers then end their set with Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, Bones and finally their last song When You Were Young, which ends a perfect evening.

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